Making a bank loan presents a more or less important commitment in the long term. Obviously, to take advantage of a lighter monthly payment, it is appropriate for the borrower to opt for a long period of commitment.

To contract credit at a better rate: what to choose between e-banks and traditional banks?

To contract credit at a better rate: what to choose between e-banks and traditional banks?

Compared to offers offered by traditional banks operating in an agency, the pricing conditions of online establishments are more profitable. It’s not for nothing that online banking offers are attracting more and more borrowers. The very first reason for people to open an account online is mainly because the institutions on the web suggest a cheaper cost of real estate credit with a pleasantly low Annual General Effective Rate (APR). About the term of borrowing, online lending banks offer a more pleasant duration that lasts up to 25 years.

Thus, to enjoy a better mortgage rate , it would be better to move towards the services of an online bank. Not only that the latter offers a more attractive rate, but the majority of transactions are free.

Simulate your future mortgage

Simulate your future mortgage

To realize a large saving on a mortgage, it is crucial to simulate your next mortgage. Such an approach allows us to have a global and more detailed overview of our borrowing capacity and our ability to repay. The result obtained from a real estate mortgage simulation exposes us to the potential risks of debt. Therefore, simulating your loan is important and should never be taken lightly.

The simulator is a tool that directs us to the best loan that fits our profile. Because it is free, it is possible for future borrowers to perform several simulations at the same time to be able to compare several quotes at a time. In this way, it would no longer be tedious to optimize your loan for the financing of a new apartment or the apartment of your dreams. It is only by using a simulator that the debtor can assess and maintain his purchasing power, while reducing the monthly deadlines. Simulating your loan also saves brokerage fees. We no longer need to spend more to pay the fees of real estate brokers. Using the calculator, we can estimate the cost of a non-insurance monthly payment and net monthly payments.


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